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Facebook Product Feed generator for Dynamic Product Ads


Facebook Ad Management optimized for eCommerce

Scale your Facebook Ads with Adbeagle's Conversion Tracking


We have a passion for building great apps that make a difference.

IHS Labs spawned from IHS Digital, a digital marketing company. Armed with a small team, our mission was to develop various apps that would solve workflow inefficiencies. We conquered managing 1,000s of Facebook ads by building a proprietary ad management platform, solved inventory reporting and asset management by building an internal database and built various other apps to help automate our day-to-day processes. Our recent efforts have lead us to Shopify. After developing multiple storefronts and building apps to solve inefficiencies our team ran into, we decided to make our apps available to all storeowners. We hope you enjoy our apps!

  • Facebook Marketing API
  • Shopify API
  • UI/UX Design

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