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December 3, 2015



Adbeagle is a Facebook Ad Management tool built for Shopify.

With Adbeagle, Shopify storeowners can save time by creating and managing their Facebook ads right inside their Shopify dashboard. Adbeagle also makes identifying revenue driving ads easier by displaying key conversion metrics front and center.

adbeagle main dashboard

Track your Shopify orders generated per Facebook ad

Adbeagle’s tracking software makes it possible for storeowners to view the orders generated from a specific ad and see which products are being purchased.

Shopify Orders Insights

View conversion events per individual keyword

Storeowners can refine their target audiences by viewing key conversion data on individual keywords.

Shopify Keywords Insights

View conversion events per demographic segments

Storeowners can scale their ads more efficiently by targeting the exact demographic segments that are purchasing their products.

Demographic Insights

Create Facebook ads inside the Shopify dashboard

Storeowners can create ads without leaving Shopify!

Step 1 Details

Step 2 Creative

Targeting 2

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