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New Apps: Feedly, Adbeagle, Adlaunch


Feedly is a fully hosted Facebook Product Feed Generator. We built Feedly because we wanted to retarget our stores visitors with the exact product they viewed using Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads. After setting up Feedly and running dynamic product ads on Facebook, we have seen 20% conversion boost on our past visitors! If you are just starting out and don’t know what Dynamic product ads are we have a great video on your listing page that explains them and we put together a complete user guide to help you get started.

App Details:
Feedly is hosted on its own server, which means it can support an unlimited amount of product/variant entries in each product feed. Feedly also automatically updates your feed when there is a change made to your products so you don’t have to worry about editing your feed. You can start using Feedly today for free with a 14 day trial! Download Feedly from the app store here:

Adbeagle (Alpha):

Adbeagle is a Facebook Ad Management app built into your Shopify dashboard. We have been using Adbeagle in house for a while now; it has been a huge help managing high volumes of ads. We are currently configuring the oAuth to handle multiple users, encrypting the servers for user privacy and styling the dashboard to fit nicely as an embedded Shopify app.

App Details:
Version 1 will have a high level KPI dashboard that displays your ad spend, order quantity and revenue generated on a daily basis. The management dashboard will display all of your ads specific to your store, your ad metrics, pixel data, interest keyword stats, demographic breakdowns and cost per conversions. You will have the ability to increase budgets and pause ads inside your Shopify dashboard. In version 1 all the data will be based on Facebook data and Shopify data.

Version 2 will incorporate advanced eCommerce tracking using link based tracking on each ad. This will allow us to display what orders came from each ad, ROI and profit gained from each ad. We will also be building a rule based optimization engine that will allow for ad management automation.

Adlaunch (Alpha):

Adlaunch will allow you to create Facebook ads right inside your Shopify dashboard. Adlaunch will have some unique features built into it. You can select your ad images from a library of your stores product images and you can split test on pretty much anything, allowing you to create hundreds of ads in minutes. You can split test on ad creative, individual keywords, ages, genders, and locations. You will also have the ability to use flex targeting during the ad creation process, no need to use power editor!

We are currently looking for 10 Alpha testers who are actively running and creating Facebook ads to test Adbeagle and Adlaunch and will open the Alpha program on December 5th. If you are interested in joining our Alpha program please sign up here:

Thank you for reading our post, any feedback on our apps and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated! If you would like to personally talk to us about our apps, feel free to email us at we would be happy to talk with you!

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